Goro's Lair

Goro's Music

The Planet of Meat

Meat Music

Darkstalkers: Jedah's Stage - Fetus of God

Jedah's Stage Music

Half-Life: Black Mesa Dam

Black Mesa Sounds

Kombat Zone: The Street

The Street Music

Super Mario Bros 2 (USA): Subcon

You can get some music for it here.
Or here.

Virtua Fighter 2 Jeffry

Ocean Sound Effect

Kombat Zone: The Pit 3

Pit 3 Music

Kahn's Arena

Kahn's Arena Music

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Las Vegas

Las Vegas Music

X-men VS Street Fighter: Apocalypse Now!

Apocalypse Music

Shin M. Bison's Stage

Shin M. Bison's Music

Killer Instinct: B. Orchid

B. Orchid Music

Marvel Super Heroes:
Wolverine's Stage

Wolverine Music

TMNT TF: Thunder Dome

Thunder Dome Music

D&D: Dragon's Lair

MKvsSF2.swf: Sky Battle

Battletoads: Chess

Chess Music


You can get some music for it here.

Final Fantasy VII: Midgar

FF7 Battle Music